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Diversifying income is important during these changing times. 

We have created a simple way for you to diversify and earn recurring monthly income through minimal effort. 

Introducing: “Pay it Rewards”


  • We pair you with an Account Officer from PFProcessing, JVP or ESBCharity

  • You introduce businesses that currently use payment processing to your Account Officer

  • Business becomes a merchant of PFProcessing, JVP or ESBCharity

  • You, as an affiliate of "Pay it Rewards", earn recurring income on a monthly basis

Once Accepted into the "Pay it Rewards" Affiliate Program:

With Every Swipe Benefits Charity, fundraising has never been easier. As a nonprofit, you have the ability to fund-raise and earn recurring income simply through business introductions.

Our goal is to help nonprofits and businesses succeed. Your success is our success. (1) (1).png
Learn about each company's Mission and Passion
Pay it Forward Processing

Video 1: What We Do

Video 2: Our Passion & Vision

Joint Venture Pay

Joint Venture Pay has over 30 years’ experience in the credit card processing industry. We think differently, we take a long-term approach to business, by providing the best price and the best credit card processing system along with WOW customer service our client never wants to leave us.
Our job is to be your SOLUTIONIST and our mission is simple, we are ADVOCATES for you.


*Become a permanent full-time / part-time Account officer and receive larger commissions go to to start the interview process 

Our mission is to bring honor, value and hope to each person, charity and business while specializing in business development.

Our passion is to “Pay it Forward” by donating a portion of every swipe to charity.  Check out the charities we’re already donating to on our home page.

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