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7 Reasons to Pay Attention to your Payment Contact!

Payment Processing companies have a bad reputation when it comes to ‘fine lines’ and ‘hidden fees’. At Pay it Forward Processing, we are looking to break that trend. With our servant leadership philosophy and moral compass pointed in the right direction, we help merchants save as much as they can on monthly processing costs- no more surprises!

7 Reasons to Analyze your Payment Contact

1. Rates

It’s unfortunately common for payment processors to offer extremely low rates to get you ‘locked in’ and then slowly increase those rates or charge hidden fees. The only rate that your business should pay for is called interchange.

2. POS vs. Recurring

Any transaction done through a POS is always going to have an associated cost. A swipe transaction shouldn’t cost you more than 3.25% (variant based on card)

3. Submitted vs. Collected

Processing costs should reflect funds processed, not total amount submitted.

4. Credit Card Decline Fees

Here’s a common hidden fee- being charged every time someone’s credit card gets declined. If you see this on your statements, then you should consider contacting your processing company.

5. Automation Fees

Updates are a part of our ever increase technology world, but that doesn’t mean you should pay tons of money on system updates. Appropriate charge: $0.10

6. Every Decline Has a Reason

Don’t let your business be charged multiple times for resubmissions. The card associations and Federal reserve regulate re-bills, retries of credit cards and ACH.

7. It’s All About Cash Flow

If it’s taking 2 weeks for you to get your money, it’s taking too long. Your business should never wait two weeks to get your deposit.

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