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Affect the Change You Want

Guest Blog Post: Machen MacDonald-

Welcome aboard the change ship. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to your ability to handle uncertainty. The only thing that seems to be certain these days is change. Why is it that some people seem to adapt really well to change while others get stopped in their tracks from it?

The differentiator for people dancing more effectively with change is simply one thing. Those that seem to navigate well through the sea of change take responsibility for making sure they have a winning hand.

Here’s how you can deal yourself a winning hand of 5 Aces.

Alignment, Awareness, Attitude, Action, and Accountability

Alignment – Regardless of what may be going on currently, get clear on what you want for yourself, set your intention to line up the next 4 Aces to move you in the direction of what you want for yourself.

Awareness – This is where you must start looking for evidence that what you want does exist. Think about how Google works. Imagine Emily who owns a small boutique who’s sales have been off target for the last few months. She types following into Google: why have my sales been flat? What’s going to come back in that search? Not the answer of how to grow sales but rather all the reasons why sales were flat. Her awareness did not change . A better search would be: How do I increase sales? Notice that we are always asking ourselves questions. Become aware if you are asking the most empowering questions of yourself to get the answers you need to get the results you desire. What do you need to be aware of that would help you get what you want? What are people, who are getting the results you want, aware of that you are not?

Attitude – This is your approach to the situation. Are you running toward what you want or away from what you don’t want. If you are running toward what you want, it almost creates a vacuum that pulls you toward what you want and what you want toward you. Running away from what you don’t want is like running from the boogie monster in a dark forest. Looking back over your shoulder as you are running away, you are pretty sure to either trip up or run smack into a tree.

Action – Just having awareness of what must be done and having a healthy attitude about it won’t bring about the change you seek. Once you gain new awareness of what needs to be done and adjust your attitude you must take the action to move in the direction of what you want. Remember, we do live in a cause and effect world.

Accountability – This is where you keep your commitment to yourself of continually increasing your awareness by being curious about your success and asking better questions that will direct your mind to getting the answers you need. Maintain the right attitude, perspective and direction. You can only see a sunset if you are facing west. To manifest the results you want you must take action based on your new awareness while maintaining the right attitude.

It’s important to know we may not always be able to control the situation or circumstances we find ourselves in. However, it is imperative to know that we always have the power to choose the most healthy perspective from which to view the circumstance. It’s kind of like looking at the glass either half full or half empty. However, there are always more perspectives than the one we may be viewing. One of those is just being thankful to have the glass. Deal yourself your 5 Aces daily and gain more certainty while affecting positive change for yourself and enjoy a smoother journey.

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