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Bookkeeping with Ian Johnston- More than Just Money

Are you allowing your finances to grow or just keep you afloat? We all know the importance of knowing how our money is being used, whether in personal life or in business. How can we begin to use our finances to achieve our dreams and goals as businesses? I had the opportunity to interview Johnston Accountancy to find out just how valuable bookkeeping really can be in utilizing your finances.

Bookkeeping is more than just payroll. Bookkeepers organize your financials and help you in the process of making smart decisions within your business. They should be treated as a partner of your company.

Ian Johnston, owner of Johnston Accountancy, explains it in a very simple way, “Good financials are the backbone of the company.” Ian had always wanted to be able to work for himself. Previously working in accounts payable he understood the ins and outs of bookkeeping and rubbed shoulders with many business owners, giving him the foundation of success. Once he married the two, he began to see how he was able to help other businesses succeed and achieve their goals. Ian quickly saw how many bookkeeping companies treated their clients and wanted to create an atmosphere of personal relationships versus just having another account. 11 years later, he has grown his company to a team of 8 serving businesses nationwide including Hawaii.

Much like Pay it Forward Processing, Johnston Accountancy goes the extra mile in helping their clients. His team makes sure to understand the client’s goals by sitting down with them personally. The combined experience of Ian and his team provides valuable resources for the client through educating them on expenses such as credit card processing and growth projection and creating an intimate relationship between the two parties.

As a business, you may be wondering when to hire a bookkeeper. If you know nothing about your financials, if you are looking to grow and need to utilize your time wisely, or if you want to learn where and how your money is being used are great indicators to know it’s time for you to hire someone. Similar to bringing on a partner, first thing is to make sure your goals are in line with each other. If the bookkeeper doesn’t plan on growing, your business won’t grow either. The competence, timeliness on delivery are also huge factors to keep in mind.

Finally, the amazing benefits of having an excellent bookkeeper such as Ian Johnston include bringing your business to the next level, being approved for financing easier, and knowing how your money can start working for you instead of you working for your money.

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