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Is Your Credit Card Processor Helping Your Business Succeed?

Here’s a strange thought – what if your credit card processor actually cared about whether or not your business succeeded? Sure, credit card processors like it when your business does well, because they earn a profit every time one of your clients swipes, but what if they also really cared about your business? Here’s an even stranger thought – what if your credit card processor actually helped your business succeed? Strange or not, that’s what we do here at Pay it Forward Processing. We are the only merchant card processing company dedicated to servant leadership – a way of doing business that serves our clients, our community, and deserving charitable organizations. A big part of servant leadership is about doing what is in the best interest of our customers, rather than just our bottom line. That means we offer our customers a lot of important benefits, including: Equipment: All of the machines and processing equipment you need to process credit card transactions • Systems Recommendations: Consultations and recommendations on the best processing systems for your specific business. EMV Chips: These important chips will be required to be in all terminals by the end of 2015. We offer them now so that you are immediately compliant with the new law. Mobile Wireless Machine: Saves your processing data even if you don’t have an internet connection. It’s perfect for special events or entrepreneurs on the go. • Special Plate: Known as “knuckle busters,” these plates may be antiquated, but they’ll come in handy if you ever experience a power outage and need some way of collecting credit card payments. Every one of our clients receives a plate when they sign with us. And More… Our service doesn’t just stop with giving clients extra equipment. We actively try to assist your business by giving you props on our social media pages, Tweeting about your upcoming events, and even making important connections between businesses who can work well as strategic partners. Many of our clients are surprised when they see us promoting their accomplishments and events, but that’s just the kind of service we give to everyone we work with. I have over 35 years of marketing experience, and I am thrilled to use it on behalf of my clients, because I know how hard it is for small and medium sized businesses to keep the customers and the profits coming. What Is Your Merchant Card Processing Company Doing For You? If your merchant card processing company isn’t invested in your success, then consider making a change. At Pay it Forward Processing, we truly care about our clients. Check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed to see us in action for our clients.

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