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News: Give Back Program Donates $3,226 to The Arthritis Foundation

Pay it Forward Processing in the News

At the recent Pay it Forward Processing Christmas party held at the Rancho Bernardo Winery, the Arthritis Foundation, San Diego office, was presented with a check for $3,226 from nonprofit Every Swipe Benefits Charity give-back program. The ESBC is a program that allows businesses to benefit their business, customers and the community. Through Pay it Forward, a national credit card processing company, net proceeds are donated from each business account to a charitable organization, at no cost to the business. Since ESBC’s inception two years ago, the program has generated more than $100,000 in donations to a carefully vetted group of more than 25 local and national charities. The Every Swipe Benefits Charity arose from the ashes of Witch Creek Fires in San Diego in 2007. Renee VanHeel, founder and president of Pay it Forward Processing, lost her home during this disaster. As a result, she, along with a number of other fire survivors, formed “Fired Up Sisters,” and raised $5 million to help fellow fire survivors. Five years later, VanHeel founded the Every Swipe Benefits Charity program with the idea that if so much good could result from tragedy, much more could be done in good times. To date, the two-year-old charity has given more than $100,000 to 25 nonprofits. Visit

Link to article – San Diego Business Journal – 02-15-16 Eleven Non-Profits

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