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Standlee’s: Not Another Cookie Cutter Business

Cheryl has always been passionate about baking so when the opportunity to purchase a cake, candy, and cookie supply store presented itself, she couldn’t resist. Standlee’s has been a staple in Chula Vista for the past 60 years and Cheryl has had the pleasure in owning and running it for the past 14 years.

Cheryl has seen a plethora of customers, business owners, and chefs in her time running Standlee’s. Still to this day her favorite thing about her work is meeting new people with some of them turning into loyal customers and friends.

“There is nothing better than seeing the excitement from children as they come in to make their very first cake.”

Much like every other business, it isn’t always sugar and frosting. As the appeal of shopping online tends to grow more and more, Cheryl finds it difficult to compete, but has faith in the continuous customers that still choose come in to her shop and buy from small businesses. Processing with Pay it Forward allows her to cut back some costs of credit card processing while allowing her to support Shelter to Soldier through Every Swipe Benefits Charity at no extra cost to her business.

When Cheryl isn’t running the only supply shop specializing in baking and decorating supplies in the San Diego County, you can find her exploring new places or helping the nonprofits she is passionate about.

Cheryl may seem like a super woman, but she still has to wake up every morning just like the rest of us. Her morning routine consist of catching up on what is happening around the world by watching the news.

Even though Standlee’s is a decorating supply store, they also provide cooking classes and demonstrations. They will help you be the next Gordon Ramsey if your heart desires.

Supporting small businesses is the greatest compliment a business can have. If you are in need of some tools to help you create sugary goodness, then check out Standlee’s. You won’t be disappointed.

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