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Top Ways to Promote Freshness, Effectiveness + FUN in Your Company

Invest in learning. Want to create raving employees that love your company and stay for a long time?Invest in their brains! Sending them to training and industry conferences will make them more valuable to you, the team, and your customers…and they will love you!

We buy self-improvement books that our teams wants to read and then discuss them and implement what we think would improve our company.

Support innovation. Being small gives you an advantage over bigger competitors–you can afford to “do things that don’t scale.

Treat your people right. If you treat your team well, then they will support your vision and goals with everything they have. According to a March 2015 survey by Totaljobs, a U.K.-based job placement agency: “Work-life balance is by far the most universal concern for 50% of the workforce.”

We encourage and support the “family first” mentality at Pay it Forward. We encourage our employees to attend all their kids field trips as a chaperone and we also have impromptu bring-your-kid/dog-to-work days when life happens! If you always run your team at 110%, you will burn them out just when you need them to be on top of their game.

Have fun. Celebrate life together! Decorate their work spaces for their birthdays, create new holidays and celebrate them as a team, there are so many ways to create a fun environment for your company without costing you a ton of money! If you fail to take the time and acknowledge a job well done, after a while your team will see no point in giving you their all

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