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We Believe!

As humans, we lead our lives based on deep seated beliefs. The Pay it Forward team has spent a ton of time lately in coaching sessions and we are all PUMPED for our future-but most importantly, we believe in the journey! Since you’re reading this, we thought we would share some of those beliefs with you, our biggest fans.

WE BELIEVE in answering the phones with a smile. Isn’t is nice to talk to someone who is smiling and attentive than someone who sounds like you’ve called in the middle of their Candy Crush game? We think so.

WE BELIEVE in FUUUUUN! One time, our CEO returned from a trip to find her entire office wrapped in her least favorite color, PINK! It is not uncommon to hear laughter coming from all parts of the office over the funniest meme of the day. We also have been known to have random office dance parties. If you can’t have fun, what can you have? A boring life, that’s what.

“I believe in the power of leggings and flip flops.” -Nicole Osibodu, Director of Fun + Awesomeness (yes, that’s a thing here)

WE BELIEVE that going the extra mile is the only way to go. “Treat others as you would like to be treated” is on the walls of the PFP office and we LOVE when people go the extra mile for us. We believe in Paying it Forward. See what we did there?

WE BELIEVE in giving back. Have you heard of our Every Swipe Benefits Charity give back program? We donate a percentage of every swipe to charity-and we are humbled to do so. Ask, Mick, who’s favorite activity is trying to fit giant checks he gives out into his car.

WE BELIEVE in telling the truth. Yes, we all learned in Kindergarten that lying is bad business! If we feel like we are not a fit for you or you could get a better deal somewhere else, we will tell you. Adversely, if we think we are the perfect fit for you-we will tell you why and

WE BELIEVE education is a life long process. We constantly are training ourselves to learn the latest and greatest that our industry has to offer. How else can we truthfully say

WE BELIEVE in celebrating life’s moments. Whether it is a company lunch at our fav new Mexican joint across the street, wine time (which starts promptly at 3pm on Fridays) or renting a beach house to just hang out and celebrate the fact that we live in San Diego, we love life!

WE BELIEVE in diversity. How can the world get better if we don’t understand different cultures, religions or personality types? We celebrate the differences as we all stand together as a united team.

WE BELIEVE in health. Our PFP team are all health nuts. The sound of the blender in the morning for our Shaklee Life Shakes is soothing to us. We take our vitamins and make sure we’re all drinking enough water. We’ll even admit that we are 100% spoiled with an in-office personal training staff, Travel Fit Coaching.

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into what drives our company culture and beliefs. And if you are ever open to a virtual office dance off-we are down…

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