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Why Do Other Credit Card Processors Lock You in Contract Jail?

Why do most companies lock you in contract jail? It’s simple:

1. When signing a contract, you are stuck with them for the length of the contract and they do NOT have to tell you when they raise your rates. A contract does NOT guarantee your rates will remain the same as at signing.

2. There are cancellation and termination fees. These can range from a flat fee of $250-$22,000 (yes, you read that correct)! Sometimes the termination fee is the percentage of profit they think they would have made had you stayed the length of your contract. This can be a ton of money!

3. Overtime, they know you might want to get out of your contract and they don’t want you to do that! Hence #2

Why Pay if Forward does NOT make you sign a contract. Ever.

1. We quote you a rate and that rate never changes.

2. Ethically, we think cancellation and termination fees are wrong. So we don’t charge them.

3. We believe that you should stay with a business or company because you want to, not because you have to.

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