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Working with a Licensed Credit Card Sales Office vs Working with a Broker Sales Office

In the world of credit card processing, it can be overwhelming and hard to find the best processing choices for your business. No matter if you’re searching for a processor for the first time or re-evaluating your current processor, here are some differences in working with a licensed credit card sales office versus broker sales office:

Using a licensed sales office: Licensed offices will find you the processing company with best pricing and best point of sale or gateway with unbiased motives. They have the ability to waive unnecessary fees not charged by Visa and Master Card.

Using a broker: Brokers find the best deal that pays the broker the most. The mentality is to make the most money so, often times, they search for the deal that favors their wallet and not your business.

Using a licensed sales office: A licensed office like Pay it Forward Processing have relationships with over 25 software and gateways companies and will find the best solution for you. (We also integrate with Quickbooks, but who’s counting)?

Using a broker: You are stuck with whatever software and gateways the card processor has.

Using a licensed sales office: These offices are licensed with Visa and Mastercard which gives PFProcessing access customer service on behalf of Visa and Mastercard. 95% of any issue can be taken care of through the licensed sales office and you will be directed on where you need to go. At PFP, you also get your account officer’s cell phone number!

Using a broker: A broker does not have access to direct customer service nor back room information about your account when you have a problem. They would instead have you use the processor’s customer service which is, most time, a 1-800 number with very long wait times.

Not sure if you’re with a reputable processor? Here are some questions to ask your current provider:

  1. Do I get a personal Account Officer to call or is it just a 1-800 number? What are your typical wait times for that number? What do I do if I have an emergency where I need to speak to someone right away?

  2. Do I have a choice to be in a contract? Do I have to pay a minimum usage fee?

  3. Do I have a choice of different products that I can use such as Gateway’s, QuickBooks, Mobile Apps etc.? Will it integrate with my current system seamlessly?

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