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We take great pride in our excellent work and are happy to serve our loyal clients! (add more words)

Barbi – Grass Valley, CA

“The business model of Pay it Forward Processing sold us immediately. We care deeply about our community, so a business that donates profits to our local nonprofits definitely plucks our heartstrings. They also offered killer low rates and an awesome local representative. What’s not to love?”

Grass Valley Courtyard Suites – Grass Valley, CA

“Pay it Forward helps us keep our costs low and allows us to be a part of giving back to our community. Mick is an amazing account manager and has helped us out so much!”

Machen – San Diego, CA

“Pay it Forward Processing is an amazing business partner. As a business owner juggling so many balls of business I assumed my credit card processing was pretty much the same across the board. When my acct. rep (Mick Collins) took time to show me how I could save money, get paid faster and not be locked in a long term contract, I was sold. Business promises are one thing. Follow through and delivery is another. Pay it Forward did not disappoint! If you are business owner and not using Pay it Forward for your Credit Card processing needs you are starving at the barbecue with dollars flying out of your pocket! “

John – San Diego, CA

Love these people! They take care of all our credit card processing….it is a joy to know that money is going to charities we support and if we ever need them….we get a real person at the other end of the telephone….will wonders ever cease!!! They are the best!

Selena – San Diego, CA

“What I like best about Pay it Forward is my rep Debbie; she should be named rep of the year. Seriously…Personal attention to customer service is outstanding! Pay it Forward is always there when I need them.”

Tom – Maple Grove, MN

“I like being a part of their give back program. I saw a significant decrease in my overall fees from the first month and continue to see savings every month since 2002. I like the idea that I’m not in a contract. That tells me they will always treat me right.”

Isaac – Boulder, CO

Thank you for supporting Team SMBA.  Because of you guys and gals, we are able to have fun every day on great trails.

Linda – San Diego, CA

I am very grateful that I was referred to Pay It Forward Processing by a corporate client three years ago!

At that time, I had spent over an hour on hold, not once but many times, with my existing, long time merchant service company. They were overcharging me, adding more and more fees, and my only correspondence from them was big monthly deductions from my bank account! Customer service at this old merchant service processing company was non-existent, and now that I had a big problem with their machine and was getting zero help from them, I had decided I had to make a change!

I was told that Debbie Mendoza, from Pay It Forward Processing, would either answer the phone or call me right back. I didn’t believe that. When she answered the phone, I waited to see if it was a recording! It was really her! I nearly fainted! She got me switched over within a few days! My monthly charges are so much less! There are no hidden fees! Part of my merchant fees go to a charity of my choice, without it costing me a penny, The company has become a client and also referred me business! I always get an immediate response whenever I have a question or need help!

Do yourself a favor and get a quote from Pay It Forward Processing! They only work on referrals from thrilled clients. How I wish I had found them 27 years ago and saved myself so much time, money, and aggravation!

Smith Teri

“PFProcessing contributes to charities on our behalf based on a percentage our credit card sales allowing us to give back to the community with no additional out-of-pocket costs to us or our clients! When we started looking for credit card processing services, Pay It Forward Processing was highly recommended by our vendors. Incredible service, competitive pricing and a charity participation program we could not pass up.

Barbi – Grass Valley, CA

“The business model of Pay it Forward Processing sold us immediately. We care deeply about our community, so a business that donates profits to our local nonprofits definitely plucks our heartstrings. They also offered killer low rates and an awesome local representative. What’s not to love?”

Arlene – San Diego, CA

“We have had an absolute pleasure getting to work with Gently Hugged and helping our girls get the resources they need to succeed. Our goal is to be there to help young women and girls feel welcomed and loved. Because of the community PFProcessing and ESBCharity has created, we are able to partner with other nonprofits and become a place of healing. It’s all because of the continued efforts to raise funds through ESBCharity we have the ability to expand our resources.”

Karen – Longmont, CO

Fantastic service. David is very helpful and knowledgeable. It is good to know that an account manager is local to help with any questions. We are saving money with Pay It Forward and I like that we are “paying it forward” with donations to charities with every swipe.

Denise – Grass Valley, CA

I am so happy I switched to Pay It Forward Processing! I thought I was doing it to save money (which I do!) but the unexpected benefit is working with such a great company and my rep, Mick Collins. All business relationships should be this easy!

Teri – Highland, CA

“For 9 years I‘ve had the same impeccable service. If a problem arises I put in one call, and everything is taken care of. They have NEVER let me down. I’m excited to be part of “Every Swipe Benefits Charity” program.

Lori – Nevada City, CA

“Kudos for all the work you’ve done on Anew Day’s behalf. You are saving us 18% on our transactions, and Every Swipe Benefits Charity has generated much-needed revenue for our organization.”

Karen – San Diego, CA

We wouldn’t use any other credit card processing company and would refer them any time.

Denise – Grass Valley, CA

When I wanted to switch credit card processing companies, a friend suggested Pay It Forward.  From the moment rep Mick Collins started recounting the history of the company, I knew this was going to be a different experience.  And it has!  The customer service is phenomenal (Mick even took a call on a Saturday afternoon when I needed help), and the fees are reasonable.  It feels really good to work with a company that is as relationship-oriented as it is business-oriented.  A big thanks to both Mick and Pay it Forward!

Katalin – Grass Valley, CA 

No business owner likes the fact that they have to pay such high fees to credit card companies, but Pay It Forward helps us to justify those costs by helping us to give back to our local community.  We are grateful to Mick and all of his efforts to help us be a part of the solution.

You really are the best, Mick and we truly are grateful for all that you do to help promote our product!

Anew Day – Grass Valley, CA

“Mick’s services are top notch. He has always been extremely prompt and will go out of his way to help us.”

Marla – San Diego, CA

“My experience was top notch with PFProcessing. Debbie Mendoza has been a phenomenal account manager. From the very beginning she has been extremely helpful. Debbie took the time to go over the application and answer every single one of my questions. I never had to play the guessing game because Debbie came and was on site for the first few transactions. Instead of having to deal with calling a 1-800 number, Debbie always took my calls, even if that meant she had to call me back within a few minutes. Debbie was even there to walk me through the review of our first statement. PFProcessing has really taken the time to make credit card processing easy.”

Gregg – Longmont, CO

Very pleased with the service and cost savings my business experiences with Pay It Forward. Also a big plus to be able to give back to the community via credit card processing. David is diligent, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend!

Jessa – Auburn, CA

“Pay It Forward has been a great help to my business. Having a local acct rep ( Mick) to call really adds a personal touch; they also have office staff that goes over and above board. I had an issue with my business bank and their office mgr Patty was warm and caring and went out of her way get it resolved for me. Not only do they save me money, I also have peace of mind. “

Andrew – San Diego, CA

“Since 2006 we’ve had great service, when I need ANYTHING they are only a phone call away. They’ve taken out the complexity and hassles of our credit card processing.”

Stacy – San Diego, CA

They saved me over $3,000/year…so this isn’t just a gimmick, I pay lower fees and I love that net proceeds go to charity. It’s a win/win/win!! The process is simple it took less than 4 days to get set up and they did it all!”

Forrest – Santee, CA

Our friends at Pay it Forward Processing visited the Santee Clubhouse yesterday afternoon and surprised the Clubs with a check for $3,100! Thank you so much for your dedication to our members and the community

Dave – Grass Valley, CA

Doing a great job, could not be any happier with your prompt service and great personal attitude

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